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Fiberglass Meshes

Fiberglass Mesh Manufacturer in China

Anping Yadong Hardware Products Co., Limited is a specialist supplier of mesh products. We operate as a fiberglass mesh manufacturer and supplier offering various products including copper mesh, steel grating, welded wire mesh, wire mesh, barbed wire and other such materials. Our office and production base is located in anpingxian TaiCheng industrial park. We are catering local as well as foreign demands related to mesh products.

Alkali-resistant fiberglass mesh is made up of fiberglass woven roving as the basis mesh and then encapsulated by alkali-resistant by macromolecule latex. Fiber glass mesh has got some significant properties: excellent alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, low elongation at break of 2.4% and high elastic modulus of 80.4GPa and high tensile strength. Fiberglass mesh manufacturer is an integral structural material in the system of exterior insulation. Alkali-resistant fiberglass mesh supplier has excellent adhesion and the characteristics of high strength. Also, the mesh can effectively make a combination with a polystyrene board. The mesh can prevent wall cracking and foster resistance to pressure.

As a fiberglass mesh supplier, we offer high-class chain link fencing mesh. The mesh used for chain link fence has many advantages, including cost-effectiveness. In comparison to other options, mesh fencing provides services similar to other fencing choices in terms of visibility and strength. Most of the organizations want to have chain link fence when they have the stiffer budget.

Fiberglass Mesh Supplier in China

Also, chain link fencing gives proficient security. The reason for protection is that it is made up of interlocked and coated steel wires. They have a pattern like rambling, which is then connected to form a diamond shape. Due to the level of security, it is best suited for a broad range of applications. Chain link fence is used in highway projects, military bases, airports and different containment of correctional facilities. Chain link mesh is a durable option too. The barriers are structured to sustain all types of weather.

Because of full applications, a reliable fiberglass mesh manufacturer is necessary to strengthen the plaster layer surface for all types of buildings. Also, the mesh reinforces waterproofing roofs and slabs. Moreover, fiberglass mesh supplier is used to influence mechanical strength coverings. Fiberglass mesh manufacturer also contributes to strengthening the bases for laying ceramic tiles and plaster.

Since the day of foundation, Anping Yadong Hardware Products Co., Limited is engaged in producing the abovementioned products for innumerable uses. Apart from catering to domestic customers, we are eyeing to export our mesh items to Japan, South Korea, Africa, America and Europe. We believe in achieving customer satisfaction by providing high quality and value. Our company is awarded as “Quality Management Standard Unit” by the national agriculture ministry. So, if you need a quality fiberglass mesh supplier, you have landed on the right webpage.