Welded Fence Netting

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Model Number: YD2

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Minimum Order Quantity: 100 61

Packaging Details: PLT

Delivery Time: 15DAYS

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Welded wire mesh fence as known as welded fence, garden fence, welded panel and fence netting

Finished: galvanized, PVC Coated

The welded mesh fence is comprised of posts and welded mesh panels with a simple method of installation, is a unique concept in the market. As it requires no special fixing tools, it is an ideal solution for professionals.


- System awarded the Janus for the industry.
- Smooth lines.
- Choice of 200 colours for math the environment.

- Sturdiness ensured through the use of double horizontal wires or the insertion of folds to increase the rigidity of the panels.
- Strength through the system of attaching the panel to the post.
- Wind resistant.

- Large diameter wire.
- Impossible to remove a panel once installed due to no fixings. (Special repair posts are used to replace damaged posts).
- Panels with narrower distances between posts for all heights to ensure greater rigidity (width 2.37 m for a fence height of ≥ 2.43 m).
- Defensive studs (24 mm) on top of each panel act as a deterrent to climbing. Panels are reversible, depending on the type of protection required. For fences ≤ 1.50 m, we recommend the installation of panels with downward facing studs.
- Optional barbed extensions.

- High Adherence plastic coating on galvanized steel in accordance with the NF EN 10244-2 standard.