Five Advantages of Fiberglass Exterior Doors
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Five Advantages of Fiberglass Exterior Doors

Fiberglass Mesh

For quite some time, homeowners are fond of solid wood and they use them as exterior doors. Undoubtedly, wood doors are classic; however, they are constantly exposed to different types of weather. Also, they are prone to rotting, bowing, and developing splits and cracks over time.  This is the reason why fiberglass exterior doors offered by every top fiberglass mesh supplier, were invented.

When fiberglass doors were introduced initially to the public back in the 1990s, the first models were somewhat similar to the boat’s fiberglass bottom. However, they were failed to grab the attention of homeowners who were still wanting to see wood doors in their homes.  

Fiberglass doors rose to popularity when they were rejuvenated to look like conventional hard wooden doors. These fiberglass doors provide the look of wood; even some have realistic wood-grained patterns that can fool someone and force them to think like an actual wooden door.

Today, homeowners are enjoying the look of real wood and experiencing several benefits of fiberglass exterior doors.


One of the top advantages of fiberglass doors is that they offer extra security to people living inside the house. Since they are made of double or even triple-pane glass, they are difficult to break. This property makes it difficult for intruders to enter your house.


Fiberglass exterior doors can withstand all types of harsh elements like

  • ferocious winds,
  • extreme cold or heat,
  • even damaging ocean salt

Constant climate changes do not impact fiberglass materials. They do not dent, rust, or rot.  These doors offer your home insulation, similar to a wooden door. Top-quality fiberglass doors offer even more insulation than wooden doors. 


Fiberglass doors are customizable as per your home’s architectural style. Whether you own a modest farmhouse or an impressive colonial house, factories of any fiberglass mesh manufacturer can offer you a fiberglass door with every right combination of glass, color, or wood grain that will look right for your home.

Some organizations supply fiberglass doors with ready-to-install options, while some doors need only a coat or two of oil-based paint to obtain a perfect finishing.

Energy- and Cost-Efficient

The price can be a bit high for high-grade fiberglass doors. However, the amount you can save from paying less for cooling and heating costs will eventually cover the initial cost you incurred to get the fiberglass door. Fiberglass doors are filled with Polyurethane that offers energy proficiency and the right insulation amount as well.


More fiberglass doors means lesser wooden doors. This certainly means that fewer trees need to be cut down for the manufacturing of wooden doors.

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