A Wide Range of Welded Mesh Wire
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May 21, 2020
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A Wide Range of Welded Mesh Wire

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Various Uses and Types of Welded Mesh Wires

Welded mesh is a screen that is made of metal with wires that are placed in a crisscross way. Stainless steel is used to make this mesh wire to avoid rust and corrosion. Used for several purposes, the welded mesh is offered by every welded Mesh Manufacturer in different sizes and shapes.


Different Uses of Wire Mesh

The uses of welded mesh are wide and varied as it is used in many fields like agriculture, industries, construction sites, infrastructural projects, commercial sites as well as residential areas. It is also used in swimming pools, manhole chambers, tunnels, and parking lots.

Wire meshes are also used for security purposes. It helps to keep people out of the secured premises and to protect people within. The welded mesh is available in different styles and colors to suit different premises. It ranges in different heights and is available in most of the online stores. It can be obtained in the form of rolls.

Besides security measures, the wire meshes made through stainless steel are also utilized as a protection against pests, rodents, and other animals. It has tiny holes and plastic, stainless steel, or aluminum are used to manufacture this mesh.

Welded mesh is used widely for construction purposes such as pavements that include paving of airport roads and highways. Welded mesh is used for constructing floors alongside concrete slabs to make sure durability and strength. Anti-rust wire mesh (mostly) is used for purposes of construction as it remains unaffected by rust or corrosion.

Various Types of Welded Mesh

Different types of wire mesh can be obtained easily today due to its vast usage and several advantageous features.

PVC coated mesh:

Made up of top quality stainless steel iron, PVC coated mesh is covered with PVC to augment its durability. The anti-corrosion wire remains covered in PVC and is useful in fencing homes, office buildings, and apartments. This mesh is offered by every reliable welded mesh manufacturer in different colors like white, black, and green. This mesh kind can be purchased in the form of rolls and panels.

Square opening electro galvanized wire mesh:

wire mesh

This type of mesh is also available in various sizes and colors and is used for building fencing. Available in panels and rolls, it is used mainly for structural buildings.

Galvanized mesh with zinc covering:

This is also a variety of welded mesh that includes stainless steel metal immersed in hot zinc. It is appropriate for animal cages, grating purposes, grilling, and for machines’ protection.

Wire panels:

Available in the form of panels, it is used mainly for fencing purposes. Though it is available in both galvanized and non-galvanized forms, these meshed panels are widely used for fencing buildings and parks.

Stainless steel mesh:

Made up of stainless steel, this mesh is known for its great strength and durability. It is used in many fields like agriculture, entertainment, and so forth.

Last Word

Welded wire mesh of different sizes and shapes can be ordered from any online welded mesh manufacturer. Mesh wire is easy to install and can be bought at affordable rates.

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