5 Common Uses of Welded Wire Fence
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November 19, 2019
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5 Common Uses of Welded Wire Fence

Welded Wire Fence

Fencing related to welded wire utility is one of the most fundamental kinds of fences. Fences provided by welded wire mesh manufacturer can be comprised of galvanized stainless or standard steel. Fences with barbed wire have multiple uses from residential to industrial usage. Over time, slowly but surely welded wire utility fencing has taken over the chain fencing work because users perceive it as more durable.

Security Fence

One of the common uses of wire mesh fence is for security reasons. The wire mesh fence is often used for security fencing purposes. It can be utilized for commercial, residential or industrial installations. For residential goals, this fencing is used to protect the area and give an aesthetic look for a home’s outer fence. The wire mesh type used for protective fences has numerous sized holes ranging between 5 to 6mm. There are some kinds of mesh fences which have quite small openings which prevent the fingers or toes from being held.

Animal Fence

Another customary use of wire mesh fence is to secure animals. Since the mentioned fence type has various hole’s sizes, you can select to use small or large holes for the accommodation of animal you desire to fence them. Wire mesh fencing is typically used in rabbit fences, horse fencing, and chicken houses. Since wire mesh fencing does not contain sharp corners, it is considered as a safe haven for animals.

Window Fence

Welded wire fencing is best for gardens. Similar to security fence, wire mesh fences are a durable choice for window screening. Wire chain link fencing manufacturer produces fence which can be substituted for window that needs additional safety on buildings. Storage facilities, window warehouses, and storage rooms are typically fixed with welded wire mesh fences. These fences block trespassers from entering cordoned area through the window.

Road and Rail Fence

Welded wire fence is used commonly in industrial applications. One of the leading industrial use is road and rail fencing. Welded wire fence provides safety to railways and highways. It is built to stop people and animal from crossing roads and railway tracks.

Garden Fence

The garden fencing is best for adding an elegant look to your lawn as it is available in various colors. Garden fence can be a replacement of climbing plants.

Last Word

There are more utilities offered by a welded wire fence. It depends upon what the customer needs from the mesh supplier.

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