Welded Wire Mesh


Anping Yadong is global-scale welded wire mesh company known as premier supplier and manufacturer of welded wire mesh in China. We are a celebrated enterprise in wire mesh industry offering diverse range of welded wire mesh in different sizes and types with largest stock in all its products. Our company has earned global recognition as a result of coming up to the expectations of the customers around the globe, customers such as garden owners. The company aims to provide everything a customer expects, be it quality supplies with durability, and affordability.

Welded Wire mesh also known as weld mesh is one of the main products the company deals in. It is basically a grid that is made by using an electric fusion to weld the joints which consist of a series that are parallel longitudinal wire that are placed at an accurate spacing which are used in various places such as garden. Being one of the best chain link fencing, we have also been able to have the expertise of a team that is well qualified and skilled enough to design the best weld mesh as well, best suited for garden owners and many other type of users. Just like our fencing, our weld mesh are also made and designed with carbon steel wire or stainless wire in a wire screen shape. The term weld mesh refers to square or rectangular barrier fencing.

welded wire mesh company

Our manufactured products are basically designed with the consideration of our customers demand and need, since various customers have their different needs, like garden owners, therefore, we need to make sure to help them and provide them with the best products, therefore we make sure that what our customers get their demands fulfilled at Anping Yadong by getting exactly with the same specifications and feature in our products which has earned us global recognition of quality welded wire mesh manufacturer. The main features and Characteristics of our weldmesh include:
1. Reasonable Price

It has been our strategy ever since we started our business that we wanted to do business at a large scale and our market researchers suggested that in order to build a better and strong with the customer, we needed to make sure that our customers could easily buy our products without having to worry about their price range as we are one of the most reliable brand that offers quality with cost-effective products.
2. Durability

What good is an affordable product which does not last long enough Knowing this factor we have always been very positive about our products, especially our garden security products, sustainability as well as durability. In our vision we have this thing that the better our welded wire products are, the better it is for our business to grow rapidly at a fast pace.
3. High Strength

The better the strength the better quality and reliable products we will be able to produce, this is the vision and mission we have always operated our company and we have very well been able to use such raw material which in itself is very strong and carries high strength. Such raw material has helped in making our presence felt in the industry at a large scale and it has also helped us gain world popularity as being the best garden security mesh manufacturer at the same time.
4. Different sizes

A company has to be very active in terms of utilizing all the resources it possesses in a productive way so that it faces no challenges in providing its customer with products of their demand. Considering this factor, we feel excited to be offering various sizes in all of our products, such as chain link fencing for lawn and gardens. We do our best to provide with the quality, durability, reasonable prices in all the products.
Suitable Applications

Weldmesh is used in various places for different purposes and is available in different sizes for different locations and come in various shapes and designs. Their use in agriculture sector is very significant and plays a vital role in keeping the farming, crop growing and gardening safe. The other sectors where weld mesh are used are:

- Industrial
- Transportation
- Horticultural
- Food production.