Razor Barbed Wire

Due to the increase crime rate, we all are swallowed up with a regular threat of robbery and trespassing in our daily life. In such times, a razor barbed wire is surely the best answer that could safeguard our property, electrical equipment, rooftops, access points, and so many other susceptible assets. The most general use of razor barbed Wires could observe in trench warfare as a kind of wire barrier. Medium or long blade, available in short, Razor Blade Wire is produced for stainless steel strips and galvanized that adds to the long life of the wire. This razor barbed wire contains of sharp points or edges that will arrange at exact intervals.

galvanized barbed and razor wire company

The good thing about razor barbed wires is that they are very easy to make and install. To add to that, being cost effective, these razor barbed wires are an ideal balance of budget and security. All that is needed are some fixing devices like wires, stapes and fence posts.

Different Types of Razor barbed Wires

Here are listed some familiar types of Razor barbed Wires :

  • Razor Mobile Barrier:

    A Razor Mobile Barrier is made using a razor wire barbed tape. This contains of carbon steel that has a string of sharp barbs punched with the length of a high tension spring steel wire. To cap it all is a razor wire barbed tape which is constantly jagged; it is really hard to be cut with normal tools and opposed to to intrusion.

  • Concertina Coil:

    A helix of concertina coil is actually created by cutting the razor wire barbed tape around its perimeter. This coil is manufactured in numerous dimensions to form a 300 mm to 1500 mm width ground level fence.

  • Helical Coils:

    it is known as single loop razor barbed wire, a helical coil runs like a spring on the walls or fences without the use of clips. Helical Coil is a barbed tape that is not very difficult to install and fitting for both industrial and private applications.