Chain Link Fence


Anping Yadong is wholesale manufacturer of chain link fencing supplies online. We being largest chain link fence manufacturing company in China deals in variety of customized and cost-effective chain link fence supplies for both commercial and residential applications. Our company offers both welded wire mesh and standard grade chain link fences ranging from flexible chain link fences for garden and security grade chain link fences with tear proof and bend proof features. We aim to provide quality products for our domestic and international customers. We design our products with materials upon the demands of architects, engineers and contractors with guarantee of performance and longer service life. For our customers satisfaction we produce highly, durable chain link fence supplies at reasonable cost and prices they can afford.

Our company produces fully galvanized pvc and pvg fences that can be only provided by legitimate chain link fencing manufacturer. We offer highest in quality fences in custom sized fabric to suit the requirements and framework of your fencing project. Being a quality chain link fencing manufacturer, and professional chain link fence company, we strive to come up to the expectations of our customers. Our products are manufactured with industrial quality raw material approved and tested for low maintenance and longer service life. Our company aims to deliver quality products based on three benchmarks that are quality, durability and best pricing. We deliver the most economical and cost-effective chain link fencing to value your investment in long run.

chain link fences company

Our company offers both custom and standard chain link fences in various grades, gauges and finishes. Our standard chain link fences include residential grade fences in light / medium / heavy duty chain link fences for T-posts, line posts and top rails. Our company utilizes industrial quality steel and aluminum raw material tested on international standards to manufacture our chain link fencing products. Our company also produces security grade chain link fences for government facilities and personal accommodation that is provided with hot-dipped galvanized zinc coating for stronger, harder and unbreakable frame work.

Not only chain-link fence fabrics but we also deal in fence hardware and accessories containing all necessary parts and components like post, gates, panels, assemblies, brackets, clamps, connectors, gate latch, elbows, extensions, fasteners, joints, hinges, line posts, post caps, slats. Also our chain-link fencing supplies are available in widest range of heights and lengths (i.e inches and feet) and different colors, sizes and gauges. Our company has successfully supplied chain link fencing products online in countries like Afghanistan, Algeria, Angola, Argentina, Australia, Bolivia, Botswana Brazil, Canada, Chad Chile, China, Colombia, Congo, Egypt, Ethiopia France, Greenland, India, Indonesia, Iran, Kazakhstan, Kenya, Libya, Madagascar, Mali, Mauritania, Mexico, Mongolia, Mozambique, Myanmar (Burma), Namibia, Niger, Nigeria, Pakistan, Peru, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, South Africa, South Sudan, Tanzania, Turkey, Ukraine, United States of America, Venezuela, Yemen, Zambia.

To sustain the competition as chain link fencing manufacturer, our company offers its products at most economical, affordable and reasonable prices that you can afford. We try to keep fewer profit margins so that our customers could face no difficulties in getting the products of their choice that are bundled with high quality, durability and longer service life. Anpingyadong is the sole chain link fencing manufacturer whose products are 20% lighter but stronger in framework due to high-tensile structure. You can also visit our Wire Mesh Blog to learn easy to follow techniques to install chain link fences so you can save your time, money and frustration for installing chain link fences near your property and premises. Contact Anping Yadong now to get a free quote on our chain link fences cost and prices.