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Lancaster Parking Authority erec...

Due to increasing suicide incidents at Prince Street Garage, the authorities have erected chain l...

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Will chain link fencing around t...

A recent event that took place in an American School in which a couple of people were killed incl...

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Anping Yadong Launches New Produ...

Our company is a top steel grating supplier of the world. Visit our website for more details.

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Home & Building Improvement ...

Kym Jones, the South Australia's Largest Event Organiser is set to organize the latest versi...

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Gulf Landscaping 2015

The most premier landscaping show of the industry Gulf Landscaping 2015 is going to be held in Ab...

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Company Introduction



Anping Yadong Hardware Products Co. Ltd., is highly recognized steel grating manufacturing company in China. Anping Yadong manufactures the highest quality gratings from both stainless steel and mild steel for various industrial applications. Our company manufactures wide range of hardware products including welded wire mesh , chain link fencing including with hexagonal, crimped and brass wire mesh. Anping Yadong is recognized among top 500 best steel gratings supplier in Asia. Our grating services and products can prove to value to your investment as we design our products with modern trends to meet the demand of modern world customers. This global trade has earned the company a well reputation as being one of the most reliable wire mesh manufacturers.

In this immediate success and development stage, AnpingYadong facilitates its staff with highly advanced and technically upgraded machine technology to manufacture the highest quality steel grating products. Our highly trained, technical, and professional staff is providing the reasons behind our company’s success and as they strive to maintain strict quality checks and timely upgrades to improve the quality of products. Our company makes continuous investments in Research and Development facility to acquire state of the art machinery for our production process to work at fullest potential, motivation, dedication and conviction. Anping Yadong as leading stainless steel supplier has continued its success with the approach of providing its employees an environment which keeps them going with all they have to offer.


Every factor plays an extremely important part in making a company being given preference over others is the customer experience. No company can ever be successful just because it has it claimed to provide the best and high quality products rather that claim must be satisfied by the very thing the customer invested his money in and in case customer does not find it satisfactory. We are reliable steel gratings supplier in Saudi Arabia & Dubai, we know and understand that making false claims can be one of the great business killers.

With the sound knowledge of above things, we are leading supplier of quality stainless steel gratings in Qatar & UAE. know and take no risks in making claims that do not represent us which is the very reason that we have been able to grow rapidly in the industry. We believe in doing business for providing solution, therefore, our first priority is not earn profit, our first priority is to provide and offer the best customer experience. Customers put their trust in us and come willing for the next purchase without hesitating because they know we are reliable and can provide them with what they need.


Our company utilizes highest in quality industrial grade raw material to manufacture highly durable, light-weight, flexible and load bearing steel gratings products. For industrial, construction and sanitary applications, we process our steel gratings through hot-dipped galvanized treatments to ensure the rust and corrosion proof coating and maintenance free life of our products. Being industry leading steel gratings supplier, we produce high strength, heavy-load carrying and aesthetically appealing products.


Our company lays great emphasis on our service delivery and after sales dealing with customers, listening and providing solutions to their queries and complains, proactively handling problems and complains, finding solutions for typical construction machinery problems and facilitating customers for placing orders, arranging and shipping machinery to desired ports. Our 24x7 proactive technical staff is there to reduce your downtime by providing you the most suitable and reliable options to satisfy your requirements. We treat every customer equally and fairly because every prospect that becomes our customer in future is an asset for our organization. For past 10 years, Hansom machinery has celebrated a history of being certified bulldozer supplier in the Eastern region.


We believe in making things that offer best customer experience and the satisfaction of our customers is totally dependent upon what they actually get in return for their money they spent on buying a particular type of product. Our grating products include durable and long lasting steel gratings engineered with high strength to weight ratio. Our steel grating products are designed to meet strength and safety standards. To maintain the industrial standard of our products we use best and high quality raw materials in our manufacture products that offer everlasting services to our esteemed customers


Our steel gratings products are ideal for installation of ramps, docks, subway and walkways. Plus! our strong and durable steel gratings are perfect to install platforms, gantries, tunnels, ventilation, sewage and water treatment applications. Since we are stainless steel gratings supplier, we also manufacture welded wire mesh, chain link fencing, steel gratings and so on and so forth. We work our hard way to manufacture products that can be installed without having to put a lot of hard work into it.


Any product no matter how better it maybe in performance, if it is not affordable by the consumers easily, it can be something frustrating for them. We let our customers to choose from our variety of gratings services and standard products range in the gratings industry. We supply high performance, no-maintenance steel grating products at affordable prices. You can easily choose from grating products according to your relevant specifications and requirements.


Anping Yadong, being a world renowned steel gratings supplier in Singapore, Qatar, UAE, India, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, India and China. With us you get our latest wire made products such as: Barbecue Wire Mesh, Stainless Steel Wire Mesh, Pigeon & Chicken Cages, Crimped Wire Mesh, Stainless Steel Grating, Galvanized Iron Wire, garden security, Spot Welding Crafts, Holland Wire Mesh, Railway Fence, and Rabbit Hutch. moreover, our grating products include high quality stainless steel gratings, aluminum bar gratings, metal hand rails and fiberglass grating to provide architectural design platforms and durable flooring solutions like steel walkways and trenches at reasonable prices. Metal Stamping Parts China